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Cuerama’s approach is based on social innovation.


Cuerama has a social mission and develops activities, initiatives, products, services, methods and business practices that generate social transformation with long-term effects, which impacts are continually measured. Its main priorities are answering to the major local social needs and bet on the resolution of the main neglected problems.



All the initiatives of Cuerama aim to promote and empower the local beneficiaries. Thus, we believe that this project must work in a jointly approach, and not in an imposed way. Cuerama is ready to, in a progressive way, be managed by the increasingly empowered beneficiaries who are involved with the organization. Its main pilar is the jointly work with the interested local parties - stakeholders -, involving public, social, business and academic organisations. This partnerships may become in-kind, monetary and volunteering support.


Cuerama aims to incorporate creativity and challenge the traditional vision in every activity it performs. Always starting from a local participatory process, it will be possible to create and test new ideas, products, services, production and distribution methods among the whole value chain of the projects, through innovative business models that are able to solve the identified problems. Cuerama looks for sustainable business models which are prepared to generate sustainable returns on the financing obtained. Since Cuerama does not want to depend on a specific donor, it is based on a diverse fund-raising model. In some of its activities and in a progressive way, Cuerama aims to charge for its products and services, even if it is at a low cost.



 Being a solution, Cuerama was designed and implemented in a way that it can be scalable or replicable, thus being able to meet multiple needs of multiple contexts. The capacity of being scalable has as a base a participatory diagnosis, where the beneficiaries choose and adapt the solutions to their own reality, always through the implementation of pilot projects with the evaluation of the viability and local acceptation.

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